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Cối xay tay Brewista - X Series Grinder - Màu Đen

  • Tình trạng: Còn hàng
  • 4.200.000 đ
  • 5.500.000 đ
  • Brand: Brewista

    • 60 grind settings
    • Z-shaped handle and custom base for smooth and effortless grinding
    • Sleek and elegant polyhedron design
    • Independent Italian steel burrs
    • Disassemble by hand and clean in seconds
    • Includes cleaning brush and air blower 


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Name: Hand grinder
Brand: Brewista
Weight: 777g
Grinding weight: 25/30g/time
Place of Origin: China Map
Size: As shown
Titanium Grinding core:
Imported from Italy Five-axis linkage CNC
Material: 11SMnPb37 $1
Process: Nano Nitride Titanium Planting
Hardness: 2400 HV
After the nano - oxidized titanium- plated conical knife surface treatment, the surface will tend to be glossy and smooth, reducing the chance of jumping beans and ensuring research and development. The grinding efficiency is also more convenient to clean.
Three axis fixed Grinding is more stable:
The smaller, the more labor -saving, so it is very important that the precision between the bearing and the shaft is high enough. The fineness of the bearing of the BXO01 grinder reaches 2um [0.001 mm (nm) = 1 micron (um)] combined with one shaft such high-precision three bearings are stable and smooth when grinding.
Grinding Body:
Aviation titanium grade high-strength 7075 aluminum alloy is finished and integrally formed, and the surface is good-grade anodized.
Creative magnetic powder cup with built-in magnet, easy to assemble and disassemble.
Body diameter: 55 mm
Body height (excluding crank): 173 mm
Grinding chamber: 25-30 g
Bending Rocker arm:
304 stainless steel + diamond-shaped AS, the angle conforms to the ergonomic habit of exerting force, easy and labor-saving.
Bean content within 30g


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